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a website for collecting knowledges, technologies and my own opinions and a personal blog

The building process

  • This project is built by Vuepress with theme reco, and codes are stored in GitHub platform(follow my GitHub, guys).
  • This site imports the Valine comment system without backend which is super easy and not sophisticated at all.
  • Since Valine doesn't have backend system, so I simply use LeanCloud service.
  • This site is connected to the Google Analytics service.
  • This site has a built-in search engine.

The purpose

  • Organize what I have learned into ordered knowledge system and share them with other people.
  • To learn some popular front-end technologies
  • Recording my life
  • To make some friends online
  • Screw it! Don't think too much about the purpose of everything. All I do is just to fulfil my life and make me happy

About me 😊

Personal information

Just call me Merrick!

  • Who: a normal Chinese student who's studying in America
  • Age: 17 : I will be a real man soon
  • Gender: of course male(I just said I will be a real man so soon)
  • That's pretty much it


  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Computer Science


Leave your trail in the virtual and endless Internet world